Stone Nymph Picture

So, something amazing over the past few months on this account that I didn't realize.

I had hit more than 500 pageviews!

... For some reason, this sounded a lot more interesting in my head, but to me, it was a very astounding achievement that deserved a kind of celebration artwork.

So, I set out to create something; not something half-made, as is usually the case, but something where I would actually force myself through the motions of being more careful about the details.

This is the result! Was it worth it? That's up to you - and whoever keeps track of my artwork from time to time.

The Stone Nymph is a character I thought of when I re-read the legend of the coming of Winter in Greek mythology; the passing of a god's daughter from Hades to Olympus is something that really stuck with me.

I ended up sketching a character that was eternally made of stone - a golem of sorts - that was given the burden of traveling around the world once a year to bring about rejuvenation. (I realize this is another spring-related theme, but I swear that it's not something I'm stuck on!) Tasked with this great responsibility, she wears a solemn expression, her eyes tinged with the mana of the gods...

Or something like that. It sounded better in my head, as always.

For the first time, for this account, at the very least, I spent more than a day on a piece of artwork. Having kept track of the hours I used to create this piece, I've clocked in at about 6 hours - obviously nothing compared to the real masters of the art, either in efficiency or length - but to me, it feels like an accomplishment. The inking is cleaner, the colouring is better and with a better sense of forms and shapes, and the background is not so much slapped together as it is put together with a kind of patience. It's not a particularly long kind of patience, but I'm proud of it.

Thank you to all my viewers, watchers, and whoever felt my art was worth giving a favourite in the last few weeks that I updated my ridiculously old (and embarrassing) artwork. This piece is really an expression both of my thanks and to show you all that I have improved - thank you for pushing me forward!
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