Acheron: Figueroa Picture

Ach⋅er⋅on  /ˈækəˌrɒn/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [ak-uh-ron]
–noun 1. Classical Mythology. a river in Hades over which Charon ferried the souls of the dead.

  • Figueroa originally had a peg leg...I gave him a prosthetic today... I secretly did not see this until I scanned it.

Want to know what the words say in order...?

Sampere: "And your name boy?"

Figueroa: "Figueroa Figuereido."

Sampere: "And why do you want to join Acheron?"

Figueroa: "To wipe out every thief and hypocratic fool that still lives..."

Sampere: And why is that Figueroa Figuereido?"

Figueroa: "Personal business; am I in or not?"

Sampere: "You are..."

There's a story behind all this...
Figueroa, along with La Salle and Leos, were the original line up (along with Sampere of course). This is his old uniform just so you know.

Long story short: Something happened, and he left. He lost an eye in the process, got depressed, looked like an old hermit, and finally crashed in California because of that...Sampere found him, blackmailed (sweet talked) him and offered up a prosthetic if he re-joined. He did, got his prosthetic, and now got his old rank back. Yay him.

And he cleans up nicely if he actually tried to help himself, so that's what he did. Pirate boy is a hypocrite himself, how cute...

Figueroa is the Acheron's tactician, emo pirate, closet consentual, pocket watch, mirror man, distration specialist, imagery faker and lethargy ticket.

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