Acheron: Sampere Fulra Picture

Ach⋅er⋅on  /ˈækəˌrɒn/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [ak-uh-ron]
–noun 1. Classical Mythology. a river in Hades over which Charon ferried the souls of the dead.

Wonder what that text says in order and who's talking...?

Lafayette: "...and I suppose you want me to identify who you are?"

Sampere: "Well if your Gallic minset can fathom it..."

Lafayette: "Let me see, your name is Sampere Ambroz Fulra; born to a father of low mental capabilities and a mother who was the town whore..."

Sampere: "Keep my mother out of this Gallic hound..."

Lafayette: "Am I correct or is my Gallic mindset too low..?"

Sampere: "Leave my mother be, hound, or die..."

Lafayette: "You...let me see... steadfastly deny that your mother would do things to warp your fragile mind, so you took up violin to stop the nightmarish reveries that plague your mind daily."

Sampere: "My mother was not a whore! Curb your tongue or risk losing it!"

Lafayette: "I see I am correct..."

Sampere: "I said curb your tongue, hound..."

Lafayette: You played for hours and hours, yet the sounds of your mother's constant cries for pleasure would drown the sound and cause your eventual run away..."

Sampere: "SHUT UP!"

Lafayette: Your father...I do not know about him so I will avoid the topic."

Sampere: "You damn Karelian/Gallic spawn! I will break your neck!"

Lafayette: "You are also a lying coward who sits in the ravines with the town whore as others die. You are pathetic..."

The other words are countries...can you guess what they are?

Sampere is the leader of Acheron, residential sociopath, the brains, the coward, the unknown and the group's androgynous man-child.
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