Honer and Mimer Picture

This is just some stuff I´ve done now during the holiday... I sat down reading a book about norse mythology and then a sudden urge to draw the characters popped into my mind. Just made em to keep my drawningskills fresh...

Some info:
When the great war between the Vaner and the Asarna ended the two sides exchanged hostages to make the peace last. Vanerna send their most noble men Njord and Frej to Asarna and they in return got Höner and Mimer.
One of Mimers powers is that he knows of all things that have happened and of all that will happen. Höner on the other hand was a elegant, smart warlord but also a very shy one. After a while felt Vanerna that they hade been deceived by Asarna because of Höners lack of commuication.
As a punishment, they decapitated Mimer and send his head back to Oden. To not make Mimers knowledge go lost forever, Oden put a spell on his head which made it live.
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