Persephone Picture

So, I was watching that show Face Off (one of my favorite shows) and they were doing a challenge where they had to embody a certain fear. There were several good ones but one of them was Hadephobia, the fear of Hell. The girl did a decent demonic dude and I thought that was rad and all but my mind veered off into a different direction.

I imagined that Persephone (as in Greek mythology Persephone) was the embodiment of that fear. She was, after all, dragged down to Hell. Now, from here is what I imagine. I imagine that she almost completely lost herself while she was down there and that didn't please Hades too much. He liked her as the beautiful, innocent girl she was. So he crowned her his queen (the horns are her crown) and killed his most beautiful demon to make the pelt that is her skirt. Though it didn't help maintain the pure girl that he kidnapped (hence she's evil now).

More on her later, I think I plan to develop this character a bit.

(I know the anatomy is horrible and she's standing weird just bear with me I didn't know how else to draw her)
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