Natas Tauron Picture

This is one of Dynamo's most persistant enemies. Natas Tauron was once the Minotaur of greek mythology. After being slain on Earth, his remains were thrown into a portal created by ancient mystics hoping he'd be cast into the underworld (Hades to them). Unfortnatly, he wound up in Darklaw (Purgatory/Midland), and was once againd defeated, but not killed. He was found by Satan himself, who lured him into the depths of Hell, promising the Minotaur he could give him the strength to vanquish any foe. Like the rest of the Natas Corps. he was brutally tortured and trained to physical perection. He was then transformed slightly and bore an emblem on his chest of a bull skull. Satan re-named him "Natas Tauron", and made him second in command of Natas Corps. This is his transformed state after Dynamo tried killing him in a volcano in the Southern Flame region of Darklaw. Unfortunatly, throwing a fire manipulating minotaur into a volcano is dumb way of trying to kill him, which Dynamo would later find out.
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