Anthony Nero CHB Picture

Name: Anthony Kore Nero
Age: 14 [December 19th]
Grade Level: 8th
Godly Father or Mother: Persephone & Daimon Nero

Short History: Both Anthony’s father and grandmother had been botanists, which is how his parents had met. The two stayed together for goddesses limited time on the surface, but he never knew who she was. It was later in Persephone 's time in the underworld that Anthony was born. The sheer fact of all this had already infuriated Hades to extremes and many times he had threatened to kill the child.
Finally Persephone was able to get Hades to allow the child to live and be left alone in exchange that he was kept from the underworld. That first night after he was born Persephone asked Hecate, a fellow underworld dwelling goddess, to carry her son to his father. It was agreed and for a while Anthony lived in peace with his father.
That was until Hades found who his father was. It was about the time that Anthony was 7 that Hades began tormenting his father, driving him mad in his dreams and from the shadows. Eventually Damion became suicidal and just three months after Anthony’s tenth birthday he drove his car into a lake near where he had met Persephone.
It was about that time that spring began and Persephone emerged to find Anthony currently in police custody until a foster family could be found. As his mother she was able to get things done and he was rather sent to camp. He never met her and still had no idea who she was. When he awoke the morning before he was sent to camp he found a small rose pin on his sweater and a shoebox with his name on it.

What Classes Your Character would like to take: Melee fighting, Basic studies, Greek History
What classes they liked in normal schools and which ones they were not good in:
Liked : Earth Sciences, Ancient history,
Disliked: Gym, English
Any powers you've acquired: Above average knowledge on plants, little else.
Flaw: Self Pity – Anthony is overly involved in self loathing, feeling he has it so much worse. Although he doesn’t verbally express it to others he expects some level from sympathy at least. That is to say it is rarely achieved.
Other Items: Aside from his weapon, Anthony has A pair of nearly indestructible shoes from his mother and a small book in which he has hand copied pieces of information from what he’s found in littiture and mythology encyclopedias about Greek figures.
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