sketch tantalus pit 4 woodcut Picture

The are suppposedly cretain levels in Hades. It's a funnel and in the deepest reaches of hell are the worst offenders with the heaviest punishment. following a work by Plainswalker I broke out my ould mythology book and began to read. What you see here is part of the background for a woodcut if I can ever find some tools. It's actually on the back on the same woodcut I've submitted a while ago. the foreground will be Sisyphus as he toils at his boulder. the wood is just too large to fit the scanner and it's not at a point where I'm ready to show it, but with some work it will be by the end of the night aand maybe then I'll post it. before I'm beaten with low quality sketching remarks please remember that all I can really do is lay down my lines. Details will come from the cuts and those lines will be white rather than black
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