River Styx Picture

This is a photo of nearby River Ogmore. Taken at dusk, use of flash illuminated just the right hand bank, the light and colour on one banking and darkness on the other, with the dark river reminded me of the River Styx (Greek Mythology) if you are aware of it.

For those who are not, according to mythology, when you die you pass to the Underworld. When you are there you must pass into the realm of the Deity Hades (God of the Underworld), accross the River Styx, one side is the living world, full of life, the other is the dark underworld. The River is guarded by the Goddess Styx, it was her name which gave rise to the saying 'Styx and Stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.' (Styx now commonly written as sticks - This makes sense incase you ever wondered how a stick manages to break a bone....). People would make an oath on the Styx, and drink it's cold water. Should they ever break their oath, Styx will use her water to freeze the blood of the breaker.
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