true death Picture

This is the angel of death, the true death,
I have realised that what many holy books have in common is death and through research of mostly the bible and the along with a bit of Greek mythology I've found that the angel of death takes 8 flights to reach earth, lives in heaven, has 12 wings, is full of eyes, has a sword/ dagger that has drops of gall (poison ) at the end which is thrown into a dying man's moth so he turns yellow and putrid and the soul escapes from the mouth, if death is seen the person will go into convulsions, and the death ruled from times of Adam to eve .

The devil has power over death and the devil actually links to Greek mythology and is described in genesis 3:15 as having a serpents head, and I found this quote "one of the heads seemed to have a fatal wound but the fatal wound has been neated" which implies it has many heads which can be healed and at least one is a serpent head which reminds u of hydra another thing is wen it waist "the sea gave up the dead that was in it" and that sounds like the river styx also rev 6:8 mentions hades all from Greek also in the bible it sais that after Adam and eve touched the tree of knowledge (possibly an Apple tree) they saw death this makes me think of the Japanese shinigami who love apples and are death gods
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