Aviane Of The Lethe Picture

Aviane is a charactor I've created for the story I write (which I haven't named the story yet ) She is a keeper of Lethe River in the Underworld of Hades. Lethe River is a river of forgetfulness. The deads whoever drink from this river would lose all their memories in the previous incarnation.
..Actually in Greek Mythology, there are NO keepers of the rivers. But this one I've created only for using in my story...

I've been hesitating for 10 minutes before submitting this picture. I tried to decide which category belongs to the picture, between "Drawing > Anime" in traditional art, or "Drawing" in digital art. Then I've finally made my decision! I think there isn't enough editing in PS7.0 to choose the "digital art" for this picture. I only change the background color which is originally white. I changed to black. So here it is...hope you like it.
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