Death ruler meme Picture

So with all the pictures i have of my cast members as monsters, i guess you're wondering if i'm going to do one for Hades. Well, no. But, i have mustered up for all of you to try. You know how that Hades of my cast is my representation of the lord of the dead, well in this meme, you yourselves can do so as well. What to do in this meme is to show off what you think the lord of the dead would look like. It could be from any mythology that you please. Christian, Greek, Egyptian, and everything else in between. Also, you can show what their henchman and pet would look like. On the left would be the henchman (which can be a grim reaper, or something else), and on the right would be their pet (which can be a 3 headed hell-hound, a hydra or something else). So yeah, heres an extra halloween treat for all of you to try, and if you do, give credit to me for making the blank meme, and post you're finished meme in the comments.

Have Fun!
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