it was laughing at me Picture

A shot rang out. Persephone stopped in mid-step. "If Ares caused trouble on our first date," she muttered to herself darkly as she turned around and stormed back to her garden. There stood Ares with his bleached white hair and black roots, holding an automatic pistol with both hands, the pistol pointing at a pot that held one of the only black narcissus flowers on Olympus. Ares' eyes glowed with hatred. The hatred faded when he saw her and hatred was replaced by fear as he saw the fire in Persephone's eyes. Slowly, Persephone walked over and picked up the pot. The petals continued to fall as she brought the flower towards her. Her breath shallow and shuddering, she finally spoke.
"You killed my plant?" she asked slowly, her voice quiet and shaking with rage.
"I-it was l-laughing at me..." Ares' usually gravelly voice was squeaking.
"No second date for you!" her voice bellowed.
"Yes ma'am," was his only reply.

Beautiful persephone, who can be just as terrifying as her mother. strong-willed ares who always demands to have his way.

introducing Ares. Apparently, Persephone didn't only date Hades. (well, according to wikipedia that is.) I read that Demeter didn't want anyone to date her as they weren't fit to date her or something, but i have a feeling that Sephy had a say in some of this too.

ares has this kinda army-ish look (yes, a couple dog tags is army-ish) to him cuz he's a god of war. hair idea was obviously based on that guy from fruits basket. credit to the fruits basket author. i don't remember the guy's name though. i was originally going to do something else, but nothing else came out as good as how it is now.

CRITIC PLEASE! i know i usually have proportions off, but good gods someone tell me where please! (probably sephy's hands, huh...?)

Ares, Persephone (c) me
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