Fruit of the Dead in the Embrace of Life Picture

In greek mythology, the pomegranate is a fruit that is associated with the story of Persephone, a minor goddess of nature and plants, and Hades, the god of death and wealth. After stealing Persephone from her mother, Hades had to give her back, eventually. But, not being able to stand losing her, he gave her a pomogrante to eat, so she would return to him every autumn and winter (that's really a short version of the myth). You know, I always imagined this story to be more romantic than it sounds. People want to picture Hades as a kidnaper and evil and stuff. But I think that he just loved her so much and wanted to be with someone. And everybody thinks that Persephone hates him, but I think she loves him, and that's why she ate the pomogrante. Anyway, those two were my favorite lovebirds of all greek mythology.
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