Ducky? line art Picture

Cerberus napping by the river of Styx. and what's this? a rubber ducky. drew this in my sketch book at my mom's birthday party.
before I went up to the house for the party I had done a bunch of reading on the five rivers of the underworld. because I have no life. so I wanted to draw something underworldish and Cerberus is one of my most favorited mythological hounds so why not right?

well my mom had gotten a bunch of rubber duckies for her b-day because she loves the damn things and I was being a smart ass and sketched her a ducky. well she liked it *rolls eyes* so for a laugh I decided to add a rubber ducky to the Cerberus drawing.

last thing: don't bug me about the poorly drawn people souls in the river. I'm still working on learning to draw people.

last last thing: might color this in the future. dunno yet
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