Charon Picture

Another one of my characters Charon the guide to the underworld
Name: Charon
Species: Reaper
Occupation: ferryman of the underworld
Eye color: red
Hair: spiky black
Gender: male XY
Age: over 3000 (appears about 18-19)
Skin: soft peach with tattoos on face, hands and fore-arms
Affiliations: Hades (boss), Grimm (friend), Cerberus (friend)
Attire: black robe with hood and rope belt
Abilities: advanced martial-arts training, super speed, advanced sword training, holds a legendary sword inside his boat oar
Weapons: long metal pole with a ring at one end
Status: unknown/missing
Fun fact: His face is tattooed so that it looks like a human skull; his arms bear similar skeletal tattoos that make them look like zombie arms.
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