I use cheats on AOM Picture

Just thought I'd share this screenshot of one of my single-player random map games. For any who don't know, this is Age of Mythology. As the title and picture both state, I use cheats. They're fun. Take note of the mini-map in the lower-right corner. I'm all the blue squares. I surrounded my enemy and all they have left is one town center and a pharaoh (they worshipped Set, and all Egyptian civilizations have pharaohs as one would expect). I kick *** without cheats, too, but cheats are more fun!

Also take note of the god powers panel - anyone who plays the game would probably think "WTF? That's impossible! You can't have Atlantean, Greek, and Norse god powers all at the same time!" Well, you can't.

I use different player names for when I use cheats and when I don't. "The Elements" is my name for the cheating player - derived from the fact that typing in "WRATH OF THE GODS" gives you lightning storm, earthquake, meteor, and tornado god powers and unlimited numbers of each. I can destroy my enemy entirely with these god powers. Sometimes I do. Sometimes I use a real army. But either way, I have the "elements" (of weather) on my side.

I don't play random map games as often as I used to because I like playing with the map editor which is really powerful - I can make cinematics and fancy campaigns with it. I'm actually trying to make a movie out of my Stardust fanfiction on this editor. I have the first few seconds done, but the problem is that I have to make different maps or at least different sections of a map for each setting. It takes longer to design a map than it does to make the cinematic sometimes. Camera tracks are easy to make, but there's a lot of trial and error in triggers, therefore constant saving and testing. It STILL takes longer to design some maps. I'm trying to design the inside of the castle by building walls and making them really huge, use the tile texture on the ground and use camera angles that make it look like it's all inside.

I know I wrote a lot. I don't care. I'm allowed to do that, same way I'm allowed to use cheats on single-player games.
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