The Red Suns Picture

OKay, these are the red suns, they are a group of devils for a story I'm writing. I'm sadly going to get in the details if you want, so here are the characters infor from left to right. (Also, I know that the Jewish devil even they arnt supposed to really believe in heaven and hell and the christian devil are basically the same thing, the same with the god, I just split them into two different people.)

Satine Penta (Jewish Devil): A girl with long, culed (outward) red hair with black tips and amber eyes. Large bust ad wears slutty, form fitting outfits. She flirst with everyone both boys and girls, very seductive. Is 16. Power level: 6

Luce Angelo (Christan Devil): Shaggy red hair and deep brown eyes (really actually black). Very well built, muscular, and attractive. The bad boy type and somewhat insane. Wears expensive desginer clothing, very rich and flirty. 1s 17. Power level: 6

Devin Gram (Devil): A little boy with shaggy red hair and red eyes, said to be a birth mutation. Very mischievous but adorable and uses that to get what he wants. He is really the leader of the group. is 8. Power level: 10

Hayden Under (Hades)- Very reclusive and bitter man who doesn't really like people. A pessimist and hates almost everything. Has shoulder length, wavy black hair and emerald green eyes. Always arguing with Devin. Is 18 years old. Power level: 9

Izaya Boulder (Izanami)- A Japanese girl with short black hair and brown eyes with amber streaks. Medium size bust. She usually wears clothing with some sort of Japanese symbol for her heritage and prefers to keep to herself. She does not talk much but she is very bitter and resents all men. She is 15 years old. Power level: 5

Jack Anu (Anubis) - Tanned skin (assumed to be Egyptian) and short, curly black hair and icy blue eyes. Very intelligent but good at masking his emotions, not very popular amongst others do to his knowledge of almost everything. Is 14 years old. Power level: 8

And thats all for this group, I'll post the other group: The Shining Stars, next.

(c)The Red Suns & BHH (Between Heaven and Hell)
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