The Suits Part 1 Picture

So, this is the first part of The Suits, another group of SalaDays characters (SD is still *Tyshea's). The Suits are the rival group to The Family. And so here are their Biographies. Going left to right we Have:

Name: Robert Whinston
Age: 16
Height: 5’8
Weight: 130 lbs
Race: Dimensional Walker
Grade: 10th grade
Relatives: Dr. Gabriel Whinston (Mother, Human) Reggie Fontanna (Adopted Brother, Mutant) Icarus Daedalus II (Adopted Brother, Son of Icarus) Frederico Judson (Adopted Brother, Automaton) Adam Judson Kennedy (Adopted Brother, Automaton)
Nationality: American
Style: White suits
Eyes: Green
Hair: Blond
Orientation: Heterosexual
Significant body markings: None
Favorite Classes: World History, Chemistry, Theology
Club(s) and Extracurricular(s): None
Crush/Steady: None
Allignment: Head Figure of The Suits
Likes: Learning something new, traveling, collecting rare items
Dislikes: Getting into fights, dropping out of this reality accidentally, losing

Robert is, technically, a normal human being. His special talent is his Job. From birth, Robert was given one task and the ability to complete it. His task was to find as many alternate dimensions as he could, and he has no idea how to do it. For the most part he lives just a normal life. However, at any random moment, he drops out of this reality and winds up in another dimension. It's become a normal thing for him now, and most teachers now accept "Trapped in a parallel universe" as a valid excuse. Robert tries to learn from Tim, who has much more control of his similar power. Despite seeming very calm and collected, Robert is always very worried that he might drop out of reality all together. As such, Robert tends to try not to let himself leave a huge impression on people, and refuses to have a girlfriend. Because of his calm demeanor, Robert is the underboss for the suits, and usually but his cold outlook on life makes him much less likely to be the head of anything. Robert keeps a careful notebook on everything he's ever found in any alternate realities, and is often confused as to what’s going on in this reality, and often gets people confused for their alternate selves.

Name: Christopher "Chris" Bolland
Age: 16
Height: 5’7
Weight: 128 lbs
Race: God of death
Grade: 11th grade
Relatives: Hades (Father, God of Death) Persephone (Mother, Goddess of Harvest)
Nationality: American
Style: Mafioso Suits
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
Orientation: Heterosexual
Significant body markings: Chain tattoos around his wrists
Favorite Classes: U.S History, Mythology, Art
Club(s) and Extracurricular(s): None
Crush/Steady: Janet Coral (Red Cap, Girlfriend)
Allignment: Leader of The Suits
Likes: Hanging out with friends, Listening to music, Drawing
Dislikes: Being alone, being under stress, failing to keep a promise

Chris is the Godfather in the Suits, taking care of his friends and eliminating his enemies with a sense of grace and style. Chris, like Ren and Dando, is a god of death though between the three his job is the most demanding, having to regulate who dies as well as where they will go after the pass on. Chris is very protective of his friends, not being shy about using his godly powers to protect them. Unlike his friends, however, Chris has no problems throwing a few punches around. Chris also has a long back story and rivalry with Briana, and the two's argumentive ways eventually lead to the feud between The Family and The Suits. While it can seem Christopher has no rules to his life, he does show his respect to the dead, as well as to his betters. He considers any relationship he may have with any other Reaper or Death God to be purely symbiotic, not seeing them as much more than agents for his father, and in turn thinks of himself the same way. Christopher doesn't talk about his father much, and most people have stopped asking, but they do run a very succesful Casino not far outside of Wormwood. Christopher, despite being apparently a shallow type, is actually a very good friend to anyone he can get along with and is very honest but also very sensitive. He cares for not only his friends, but anyone who seems emotionally distraught. While Christopher dislikes most of The Family with a passion, he finds himself unable not to become friends with Alex, them both sharing a lot of qualities. Christopher is a very charismatic leader, and is also a head figure in my branch of Wormwood.

Name: Leonardo “Leo” Moore
Age: 15
Height: 5’6
Weight: 126 lbs
Race: Monster under the bed
Grade: 10th grade
Relatives: Farah Moore (Cousin, "Pumpkin Queen"/Spirit of Fear)
Nationality: Italian
Style: High Profile Italian
Eyes: Black
Hair: Brown
Orientation: Heterosexual
Significant body markings: Red X on the back of his hands
Favorite Classes: Psychology, Biology, Mythology
Club(s) and Extracurricular(s): None
Crush/Steady: None
Allignment: Head Figure of The Suits
Likes: Working, Helping people, learning the truth
Dislikes: People asking him personal questions, being made a fool of, being forced to do things

Leonardo, despite his looks, is a very free spirit. Leo works as a "Monster under the Bed", a subdivision of the bogeymen. His entire job is to scare young people, and it's a job he absolutely and completely loves. It's not that scaring children is a job that he enjoys causing kids to wet the bed and cry in absolute terror, it's just that he's really good at it. While during the day he appears normal enough, at night or when in darkness, he changes into a much more evil and terrifying version of himself. Leonardo is very quiet during school, but outside of Wormwood is actually a much looser, more fun person to be around. Many people are warded away from Leo because of a menacing aura he has, and the sunglasses keep his feelings a secret that only he knows. Leo's closest friend is Tobias, the two being thick as thieves since they first met. If I had to give him a place in The Mafia, I'd say he's the Consigliere, always helping Christopher with coordinating the suits in their goals.

Name: Tobias Walker
Age: 14
Height: 5’5
Weight: 122 lbs
Race: Imp
Grade: 9th grade
Relatives: Brian Walker (Brother, Lich) Jonathan Walker (Father, Demon) Juliet Walker (Mother, Witch)
Nationality: American
Style: A Night in Vegas
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Red
Orientation: Bisexual
Significant body markings: 4 Black interlocking rings tattood on his back
Favorite Classes: U.S History, Gym, Geography
Club(s) and Extracurricular(s): Track team
Crush/Steady: Faith Columbia (Spirit of Happiness, Crush)
Allignment: Member of The Suits
Likes: Competing, reading, walking in the dark
Dislikes: Being afraid, being picked on, losing things that are important

Tobias is a pretty boy. (What? Every mafia movie has one. -.-") His main job in the Suit's operations is to get the girls and get the information. He's not afraid to flirt with people to get information on them and their friends, and he is GOOD at it. In terms of personal life, Tobias' family is... complicated. His father looks down on him because not a powerful dark force like them, and as such he often feels abandoned. He doesn't go back to his home much because of this, and instead lives in Christopher's family casino. After living in the Casino for a month or so, Tobias picked up all the tricks, and is now able to win any form of gambling with a bit of effort and some luck. Tobias is a bit of a prankster, but not so much that it interferes with The Suits' activities or gets him into trouble. He is very much infatuated with the only girl who can resist his charm, Faith Columbia, and is in constant pursuit of her. Tobias may seem a little out of place to outsiders, but anyone in the know about the Suits innerworkings know that his... skills benefit their operations greatly. Tobias dreams of one day making his dad pround, a dream which his older brother and mother help him with as much as they can. Tobias is a well rounding out for the serious nature here, adding a spark of entertainment to the Suits otherwise very serious nature.

And that is That. Stay tuned for part two, as well as more text characters for The Other characters section. And when I finally get done, I can continue on with their stories. And WOW this was a lot of writing.

ALSO: Why Christophers hair and Leonardo's glasses are darker then everything else. I ran out of Mech-Pencil lead, and I used a microsoft paint. Sorry 'bout that.
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