Nine's A Crowd Picture

My New series, Nine's a Crowd.

I'll be making comics using these characters.

What's their deal? They all need jobs. They're demons and live in the underworld, so they all work at hades's palace. The problem is, some of them hate eachother, they have to work together and they're all 13.

Bren - Cool guy, friends with most of them, totally in love with Dimika

Grynmyth - A snobby rich kid, but his parents want him to 'work' and now he's stuck working with a bunch of idiots.

Ranari - A bright, nice artist who makes accquaintance with most of the gang, not to mention has great drawings.

T'Necti - Funky, bouncy and whacky. Short and proud of it! Hangs with Ranari and Jadar, and is sociable to others too.

Dimika - HOT chick and good looks. Problem is she's mean. Rejects Bren and instead likes Grynmyth for his $.

Jadar - Tom Boy, Jock, 'did you see last night's game?' she's not girly but she's a cool and kind spirited dudet.

Taiat - She's spiritual and subtle. Quiet at times, but has a dark sense of humor and can be wild. Also has brains.

Zerek - Goth. Negative. VERY SMART. Not that warm, but if you know him well, you're defiantly at an advantage.

Avern - He's tough &'s got muscles on his muscles. Actually really nice if you get to know him, but not super cuddly.

That's the gang. Tell me which is your favorite!!!
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