Yet Another Family Portrait Picture

But yeah. Annoyingly static character doodles for Hades, Persephone, and the alt-design for their son, who I am bizarrely tempted to name Spyridon because Spyro is a valid nickname for it and how cool is that? (I honestly also keep wanting to call him Posthumous, but that is A: a Latin name not a Greek one and B: too easy.)

Not entirely happy with the colour scheme on Hades, but enh, I suppose it works. I feel really sorry for this guy, can we talk about that for a moment? Stuck running the underworld for all eternity 'cos he drew the short straw, has no people skills, has all the gold and jewels he could ever want but has nothing to do with them, and modern media has a tendency to portray him as Satan! Let's count the good things in Hades' life.

1: Faithful doggy.
2: Dishy wife who loves him very much.
3: That's pretty much it.

Persephone, speaking of the dishy wife, I really like. I think she's a great lady, and I enjoyed colouring her hair.

Spyro there is, as I said, an alt-design because his very existence comes from an AU of ~shashuko 's in which he is in fact a version of Someone Else from a Published Series. But I love all the characters she came up with and they keep kind of drifting away in my brain anyway so um alt-design. Hope you don't mind, lady?

His hair looks black to most people, but this is because the auburn tinge in it is much more obvious in sunlight, which he's never in. Don't mention he has the same forelock as his dad; he doesn't want to hear it.

Anyways. Hades, Persephone, and Spyridon or Pluto, Proserpine, and Posthumous say hello.
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