+Lets Make a Deal+ Picture

Okay Dokay.

So I said on Modern Teenage Gargoyle that I'd explain this new gargoyle me, and I ain't got much time so here's the dealio.

While I still feel like there's a little furry Tay character in me, (Who WILL stick around) I have recently discovered, after such a subject reentered my mind after years of not watching the series Gargoyles or my Dragonheart and other fantasy movies, I've rediscovered my Mythological side. My fantasy side which was so strong as a child.

I've realized that the true 'Mythical' me would be, of all things, a Green-blue skinned Gargoyle with black wings and a tail with a small fin at the end.

Yeah I know some folks are tilting their heads curious puppy style, But darnit- I'm better at imagineing myself as this. I'd be more comfortable painting scales on my arms and legs and being in public then wearing cat ears in public.

And so Imma make this sort of a character to represent myself. my real self - and that little dude on my head? an actual dragon puppet I bought off of a website, his name is 'Jayko'.

Teh wolf/fox furry Tay will definatly still be around - Just think of it like this,

If I am to draw my real life self, I do the Gargoyle. If I draw my Online character, I do the Tay-san. xD; Simple as that.

And thus, Here we are. I'll probably stick to the Gargoyle interacting with folks I know who have characters or Gods and shit like that cause I'm a myth buff, Plus I don't care which god is real I like 'em all.

Bleeding Hades and his Imps. (Yes, Disney James Woods version. I like him damnit.)

Pain's the bat. Panic's the bird. x3;

Couldn't decide if this should go in Fantasy of Fanart. Being a bit of both.

Probably should have darker lines... xD; And I'm pretty sure i'm gonna color it. Otherwise I like how it came out.
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