Count to Ten Picture

These are more characters adapted from Greek mythology. On the left is Persephone (wife of Hades), and Styx is on the right. Styx is the personification of the river Styx that circles the underworld. Like Charon, she ferries souls across the river into the Underworld, for a price. (The big stick she's holding is her oar)

Styx is very quiet and reserved, but she has a huge crush on Hades. She resents Persephone, who didn't even want to marry Hades. Persephone, however, is completely oblivious to Styx's jealously, and constantly tries to make friends. In this picture, Persephone is trying to give Styx fashion advice and is tucking a feather into Styx's hair. Styx is just trying not to strangle Persephone (thus the title).

Sorry that some of the lines are so faint. My sketchbook's a little too big for the scanner, so the images get a little messed up.
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