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What's with all this Hades lately?

Right, so... I have a lot of art card samples, and I bought an actual pack of them a few weeks ago, so I thought "Why not add them to my commissions?" So... yeah. Here are two samples.

The first one is a lot better... It was done in the same style as [link] with the pen over the marker, but with a water color background.
The second one I thought I'd do the reverse - marker background with water color people, but the background ended up looking terrible and flowed onto the figures, and... blah. So I won't be doing marker backgrounds anymore, probably.
The second one also features faces (read: eyes) in a style I'm trying out, to have less of an animu feel to it.
Oh, and when I was using the pen, well, it sort of looks like Hades ended up with girly eyelashes. Whoops.

First: Hades (am I wrong in being reminded of Voltaire here?)
Second: Hades, Persephone (I couldn't remember what color her eyes were and was too lazy to walk across the room to look at my comic pages, so they're brown).

Oh, and the second one looks super fuzzy as a direct and indirect cause of the the markers and watercolors - they caused it to have a fuzzy look anyway, and they warped the paper so much that they didn't scan flat so it scanned in kinda fuzzy.

So I still have to think of an actual price for this sort of thing. I'm thinking... 25 points for single figure, 50 points for two figures, maybe 100 for three (since three would make it sorta cramped...).
25 points is equivalent to about 25 cents (US), so I hope that doesn't strike anyone as outrageous.

Oh, by the way, these are standard art card sizes - 2.5 by 3.5 inches.
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