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Azura here, with my OC Camille! So, yeah, I'm actually going to try and write my own story- and for those wondering: yes, this is going to have connections with Crimson's story(*Cou-Saint Seiya TLC: The Tale of Kora-gh*)- but I doubt I'll be up-loading any time soon, as I want to polish this pebble 'til it shines like gold!


Birth Name: Céleste Desjardin »The irony is strong in this one.«
Meaning: ☇
CamilleFrench variant of Camillus which may mean, "A youth employed in religious services"
CélesteFrench variation of the Latin word caelestis meaning, "Heavenly; divine"
DesjardinFrench surname meaning, "From the gardens"
»I think you can tell what pun this'll lead up to.«

Pronunciation: (ka-MEE); (seh-LESST Deh-SZHAR-dan)
Title/Rank: (カシオペア座; Kashiopea-za) Cassiopeia; Silver Saint

Sex: ♀(Female)
Birthday: November 2, 1971 ()

Age: 15+
Athena's Birth2
Orphanage – 4
Sanctuary Training – 9
Galaxian Wars – 15 »canon story starts«
Hades Wars16

Ethnicity: French
Nationality: Greece
Current Resident: Japan

Hobbies/Pastime: Training, fulfilling her duties as a saint, more to come
Talents/Skills: Surprisingly good at housework(no talent in cooking),

Key characteristics: Secretive, passionate, resolute, steadfast, painstaking and stubborn
Pros: Kind at heart(rejects it as weakness), doesn't gives up easily, a devoted worker, fiercely loyal, more to come..
Cons: Stubborn, childish, impatient, prideful, easily embarrassed, overly-protective, a workaholic, insensitive, more to come..

Height: 1.62 m (5'3")/1.64 m (5'4") *undecided*
Weight: 55 kg (121 lb)/58 kg (129 lb) *undecided*

Skin: Sun-kissed
Hair: red/blond *undecided*
Eyes: gray/blue *undecided*

Like(s): The color blue, simple clothing, Pickled Plums, more to come..
Dislike(s): The color orange, Lizard Misty(well- actually, she simply doesn't acknowledge him), small places, more to come..

Class: Saint/-Spoiler-
Rank: Silver Saint/-Spoiler-
Constellation/star: Cassiopeia Constellation
Cloth: Cassiopeia Cloth

Affiliation: -Spoiler-
Status: Alive

Constellation Mythology: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia(and a lot of re-wording from me);
The constellation of Cassiopeia lies within the northern sky and is easily recognizable by it's distinctive W shape it's stars form, bordering it to the south is Andromeda, to the southeast- Perseus, and Cepheus to the north. Opposite to it is the Big Dipper, and it can be seen clearest in early November from northern latitudes. The constellation itself is named after the vain queen Cassiopeia, mother of Aethiopia's Princess, Andromeda. In Greek mythology, she was placed in the sky as a punishment for her bold boasts of how she and her daughter's beauty were unrivaled by even the most lovely of sea nymphs.

  • Regardless of gender, all the Cassiopeia saints have worn masks.
  • Nearly every Cassiopeia saint have been rumored to be a "beautiful but vain" person.
  • Ever since -SPOILER- the Cassiopeia saints have been viewed as untrustworthy by Sanctuary.
  • Before this treacherous development, the appearance of this cloth was considered a good omen for the Holy War. (In part to this↓)
  • The Cassiopeia Cloth is considered to be nearly unobtainable; Rumors claim this to be the direct result of the vain queen's spite.
  • It's confirmed that Camille is a descendant of Kora.
  • Camille has a soft spot for children and baby-faced people.
  • Although it was unintentional, Camille shares Crimson's birthday

SAINT SEIYA ©Masami Kurumada
Céleste Desjardin -Camille- ©CriAzuDre
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