Cerberus, Hound of Gluttony Picture

Cerberus in classical mythology is the guardian of the Underworld and the pet of Hades. He is a three headed dog . In Dante's Divine Comedy, however, he is described more as a man with the qualities of a beast and is the primary demon of the third circle of Hell, the Hell of the Gluttons. In my Comedy of Alexander, I merged the classical and the Dantean Cerberus'...Cerberi? Anyways, I put them together and added a few of my own demonically allegorical elements to produce Kerberos (one of the spellings of the hell hound).

For Gluttony, I have made it mean any excess that deprives those who need that which is being devoured, the primaries being food, drink, and drugs. The right side head (left for those looking at it) represents the more carnal of the three categories, overconsumption of food (which is the only sin an animal could be truly guilty of for gluttony) and is thus represented with its mouths and dog shaped head. Note that his teeth are humanoid as are his eyes, ringing to the human element.

The left side head (again, right to those looking on) represents those gluttonous in drink, meaning alcohol, caffein, any liquid with addictive elements. The head is bloated as are the lips, remeniscent of a drowned corpse, and the teeth are rotted and sharp, with the gums consumed by disease. The head is diminished to represent the mind destroying effects of those substances.

The middle head is considered the king head, the one that leads the others, and is the most humanoid. It represents consumption of drugs, more specifically those which were meant to be used medicinally and instead are abused for their effects. The eyes are sewn shut and the face is emaciated, showing the literal and figurative effects of prolonged drug use. The tongue laps the floor of the third circle with the jaw replaced by an insect's mandible with no teeth. It tastes the souls for their sin and instructs the others to devour those particularly sinful. The soul is then digested, fully aware, through the tail, much like a razor-toothed leech, into a mass of refuse, only to reform slowly and painfully, all the while praying that Kerberos does not come back.

Whew, that was long winded! Again,as always, this is my design. So DO NOT STEAL or redistribute without my permission. Thanks!
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