Olympus Apt 09 Picture

I'm actually very pleased how those trees turned out. All of Persephone's segments will be separated into seasons for hopefully obvious reasons.

I'll admit Hades/Persephone is one of my biggest ships. Some may be thrown off by the rape overtones and the being held against her will, but most of mythology treats Persephone's seizure as an inevitability. There are a few retellings of the myth where Persephone picked the flower that caused Hades to appear on purpose, and a few others in which she ate the pomegranate seeds in order to stay. In Homeric legend her name becomes as taboo as Hades, and she's shown to be as stoic as he is. A lot of it is less 'rape' and more 'inevitable.'

So, yeah, I'm removing all tension from their UST, but don't doubt it happening.
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