Sailor Charon Picture

“To rid ourselves of our shadows - who we are - we must step into either total light or total darkness” -J.P.Johnson

In Greek mythology Charon is the ferryman of the river styx, taking the living to the afterlife in Hades. Thus he moves between both worlds.

I made Charon for La Luna (gaia B/C) I had to change her to Helix because Charon was taken, but the character remains the same.

The challenge was to make a character who was actually crazy. We'd seen a lot of people with characters whose flaws were so extreme and so painfully played that the character should have been in a mental asylum, so whilst chatting about characters with extreme flaws, I decided that I would make someone who /was/ in a mental institute.

Meet Tanya Goodwin. She is a mild neurotic classic schizophrenic borderline agoraphobic with a dark past.

I suck at drawing but those things around her skirt and neck are supposed to be chains. T__T;
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