Emrys--SKETCH Picture

After a re-design...and a re-naming...
Em is the illegitimate daughter of Hades, born AFTER he wed/kidnapped Persephone from her mum. Emrys is the daughter of Hades and an Unseelie sidhe name Aeliera of Blood Oracle (yes, I know this story blends two totally different cultures' mythology...sue me; my character, my rules, my story. XP). the sidhe didn't want the child, as it would interfere with her work, and Hades had no earthly idea how to care for a child, let alone a girl-child, so he gave her to Persephone as a 'gift.' However, a 'little bird' told Persephone that Emrys was something akin to a step-daughter. In her rage, Persephone bound Emrys to the Underworld, much like she herself was bound, until she can find someone to set her free.
Though Emrys can come and go as she pleases (she's STILL the daugher of Satan, after all), she can be summoned at will by Persephone for whatever reason. Despite being thoroughly pissed off at Hades, Persephone did take some pity on Emrys and put the stipulation that she will be released from her bond when she finds either a replacement or a husband.

Okay, that's the cliffnotes version of Em's story for now. Obviously, Em is a very bitter person, as indicated by the ever-present disapproving scowl on her face. She dislikes Persephone for OBVIOUS reasons, and she dislikes Hades even more. She is incredibly snarky and oftentimes condescending, which is -probably- why she chooses to aggravate Andrae. She has a wickedly snide sense of humor, though she tends to keep it under wraps unless she's scaring some subordinate of hers witless.
The flat silver band around her neck is the symbol both of her tether to hell and her servitude to Persephone. Though most sidhe can't touch metal (it hurts them), because Emrys is part high demon, she can wear it as long as it is completely pure, thus...pure silver band.
I made her attire a bit more 'mature' than it was before since she's several hundred years old and all. Her eyes are still three different colors, because that's a typically-sidhe trait.
I changed her build up a bit, as well. I also apologize for the enormous head XD couldn't really help doing that.
She's rather childish in appearance, partially because sidhe age slowly, and partially because, though she ages, she is immortal, thus is really unable to change in appearance very much.
I got rid of the wings because they didn't fit her redesign. She does, however, have a spaded tail now (compliments of being part high demon). She can't hide the tail, nor does she wish to. Even though she has a strong resentment for her father, she does use her status to her advantage on occasion.
Okay...I'm done prattling on and on and on about Em. Now that I'm on a roll, I've gotta create MOOOOOOOREEEEE! hahaha There might be a picture/story of Aeliera coming...eventually.
This will be moved to scraps when I post the colored version...probably later today or tomorrow.
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