2010 Summary of Art Picture

.... Unfortunately as picky as I go I still see no improvement. *shotdead* (Okay... Just a little.)

Maybe I should consider spending more time on drawing than trying to fix my hair.

January: Yue/Lucis
February: Colette Curtiss
March: Nico di Angelo (Percy Jackson & the Olympians Series)
April: Alphard Hallow
May: Emperor-sama (Unfortunately he did not have a name...)
June: Rollo
July: Alois Trancy Femme Version (Kuroshitsuji II)
August: Beatrice Lusch
September: Luke/ Lukiant Ling Rue-Ken
October: Icelus/ Laurence Belcraft
November: Lucypher
December: Alone (Saint Seiya: Hades Mythology ~The Lost Canvas~)

I seem to have drawn more fanrart this year. By the way, you don't see that Alone picture in my gallery because I drew him for a meme.

All Artwork here is done by ~Lil-Kiddy-K
Blank Meme: [link]
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