Bai Yun He and Yan Luo Picture

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Characters from Jue Ming's (决明)novels.

I only did the lining my own way.

They are twin brothers but of different fathers. Yan Luo, the one in black is the elder brother with jade eyes due to his Laotian father. Yan Luo is also the name of the King of Hades in Chinese mythology, so you can guess why he wanted to give himself such a name. Bai Yun He is said to be so beautiful that people thought he was a girl.

It was torturous to do Yan Luo's hair. And I did it on the train! >,<

Actually most lining was done on the MRT train. Including hair.

Medium: mainly ball point with 0.05 micron and black calligraphy marker for black areas on A5 memo paper
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