Voit D. Westphalia Picture

Okay this is my character for a story called Tales of Mythology and this is the Protagonist of this story. XD
Just gonna give you some info about him
Name: Voit Duke(hates hates his middle name XD) Westphalia
Age: 400 but looks 19
Race: Half-Elf
Gender: Male
Weapon: Two Hookswords(AKA Fu Tao or the Shuang Gou or the Twin Hooks)
Job: Paladin(basically the Commandant from Tales of Vesperia)
Element: Electricity
Family: Altair Dist Westphalia(father, alive), Leslie Westphalia(mother, deceased), Joachim Westphalia(grandfather, deceased), Gora Westphalia(grandmother, alive), and Hades(pet, alive)
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