Doctor Who: Operation Orpheus Picture

"You sure about this? Over." Maddox asked over the radio.
"As sure as I've ever been. This is the guy." Helo said quickly.
"I don't see it." Rigney shot back.
"All of you shut the chatter and approach the target NOW!" The Colonel ordered.
"Roger!" All three said as one.
Together they approached the target. They needed him. Records say he was unimaginably old. Some even say he was the one who instituted the operational engagement procedures they were all working under at the moment.
"Uhhh..." Maddox said standing in front of the target's table.
The target slowly tipped an old style stetson back and peered up at the Sargent, "Yes..." he said cooly.
"I'm with UNIT and we've been sent to acquire you...Sir." Maddox said as an afterthought. Not sure if he should solute or stand on attention.
The stranger took his feet off the table and leaned forward, "Let me see if I understand you. The Unified Intelligence Task Force of the 26th Century has sent you to find me?"
Helo looked like he wanted to say something. Maddox shook his head ever so slightly.
The stranger caught the exchange and leveled a glare at the Marine, "Did I miss something?" He asked.
Helo opened and shut his mouth several times before finally spitting out "Universal...sir."
"I beg your pardon?" the stranger asked.
"It's Universal Intelligence Task Force now. Sir."
"Okay fair enough, so what seems to be the problem?"
Helo and Rigney looked at Maddox who swallowed, "We've been sent with instructions to tell you the operation is codename 'Orpheus' and that you would know--"
The stranger leaped up and was face to face with Maddox in an instant, "Orpheus? You're sure the operation was Orpheus?"
"Not Orion or Ophelia or some other word starting with 'oh' that's anything but Orpheus?"
Maddox seemed to be trying to follow the stranger's logic but finally he scrunched up his face and said, "I think--yes Operation Orpheus."
He stood up straight and adjusted his bow tie, "Well then gentlemen, lead on because we're on our way to hell." He stepped around the bar table and walked pass the soldiers. Realizing they weren't following he turned on his heel and pursed his lips, opening his arms as if to say 'Did I miss something?'
Rigney stepped forward this time, "Well sir, it's just that we were told to ask for confirmation of your identity."
The stranger smirked as he leaned back, obviously amused, "Gentlemen you didn't come half way across the stars to find me in a diner at the end of the universe to waste time. It's me--I'm the Doctor.
Found a whole slew of tubes I wanted to use over at and the background provided by *indigodeep was just what the Doctor ordered. Pun intended. Tried to think under what circumstances the Doctor would be with anyone who had guns and the only thing I could come up with was U.N.I.T. in the future.

The hell reference was to "Orpheus" who in greek mythology went to Hades to save his wife.

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