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Derek was born in Australia, but his Greek father was killed soon after he was conceived, so his mother moved to LA. He lived a fairly normal life, even making a few friends, until his mother was slaughtered in front of his eyes. He was only six, and the killer took him for his own.

As the years went by, Derek learned about firearms - what there was, how to assemble and disassemble them, what was good for what scenario, etc - and at the tender age of twelve, killed his kidnapper.

His kidnapper wasn't found for a week, being an antisocial bastard, and the blame wasn't put on Derek. At first. As they started cutting out other suspects, Derek's reasons for killing grew until he was deemed responsible.

However, they didn't kill him in return. He was taken to his former kidnapper's boss, who instantly took a liking to him. Derek was instantly given a good position as a metal man. Those who doubt him are put with him on their next assignment, or watch him training. No one doubts Derek for very long.

And so he lives up to this day.


He's an incredibly quiet kid: he's never noticed when he walks down the street, even when bloody after meeting his "client". He barely ever talking when spoken to, and almost always answering sarcastically. Since he lost all emotion around the age of nine, his voice is monotone, making it hard to tell when he's serious or joking.

He's a blunt person, making battles as quick and painless as possible. His favourite gun is a Browning Hi-Power, but sometimes uses his knife when he wants to make a message (or just a mess). If people resist, he makes their death as messy and painful as possible; using a whole round on them then slitting their throat is the messiest way he has thought of so far (And he's only a teen, so that ain't good).

He will sneak up on someone and either shoot them point-blank or silently stab them in the back if they stand in his way, and avoids monologues. If people make them, he simply rolls his eyes and shoots.

He holds one gun (of two) and his knife (sheathed) in his hooded shirt's front pocket. The spare is in his rucksack (which is always on his person), along with an assortment of other items. Only one person had seen everything inside Derek's bag, and he was the one that gave it to him.

He is descended from Hades, Greek god of the underworld. This means he can see spirits. However, since he is still a teen he sometimes can't tell whether a ghost is actually one.


Physically, he is rather weak but has strong legs (meaning painful kicks wherever they land) and is extremely fast, with incredible reactions.

He is incredibly intelligent, usually having a fair to vast knowledge of any given subject. He has only just heard of the Tea Kettle though, so will spend most of his time either exploring for it or attempting to find a book with info on it.

Unless specified, he will always have a calm, blank expression. People usually consider him thick unless they look in his eyes and see the hardships he has had to face in his short past.

He likes to try and torture people he doesn't plan on killing, and does this through a variety of ways. His most common (and favourite) method is to simply psyche them out. He tells them stories about their partner, or about the Kettle. He only says what he knows, but says it so it seems he's hiding something important. Very useful on people with low self-esteem.

Another way is to just be blunt, and tell them things they don't want to here. Like the little shadowy voice that comes out to play at the dead of night, so does he expose your worst fears, bringing them into all too plausible situations and scaring you shitless.


He likes most mythologies, but absolutely adores Greek mythology and knows everything about it, even the most obscure details. He also likes his new "dog" Cerberus ([link]).

He dislikes monologes (as mentioned above), killing without a reason, thieves (that means you, Lyle) and people who don't or can't think for themselves.

So far he has found no reason to try and find the Tea Kettle bar the thrill of the chase. We'll think of something if we get that far, believe me.


Might add more if necessary. I covered a fair bit, I think.
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