Demeter Picture

I'm going to make pictures like this of all the gods, the 12 olympians at least, plus Hades. what they look like according to Rick Riordan, that is. '

This is Demeter, the forth I've done. She is the goddess of the Bountiful Harvest and the Nurturing Spirit. According to Rick she is quite stern and has clearly decided to not like Hades. In other words, your stereotype mother-in-law.

Details and funny stuff:
The thing in her hair is supposed to be a daisy, on of her sacred flowers.
The bird is supposedly a crane, her sacred bird, and the purple things just beside her head is a foxglove, another sacred flower.
The beige thing in the background is supposed to be wheat, but it turned out very crappy since I didn't mind adding details.
I hope you can tell that those yellow lollipop-like things are sunflowers, another of her sacred flowers, she has a lot of those.

Demeter belongs to greek mythology and Rick Riordan.
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