Saint Kakon Vincent Picture

I never reaally did a background page on Kakon, so here it is!

Name: Saint Kakon Pisces Vincent
Age: Says he's 35, but well over 3000+ years old
DOB: Long forgotten, says January 1st
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Golden blonde
Spouse: Aurora Vincent
Quote: "I'm the son of a sorceress."
Theme Song: "Remember" by Disturbed
*Desired voice actor: David Draiman

Out of all the Heroes, Kakon is the only one who is both canon and non-canon. I created him in 2001, and he carries the title of "first O.C." I created. Origianly a Super Saiyn-esc muscle bound swordsman, he has changed into a truly unique character who has his own story.

Kakon is the God-like human son of Jehovah, Titan-god of Worship and the sorceress Eden, caretaker and nanny of the Children of Chaos. Long before Jehovah started his war agaisnt the many gods of mythology, he lived in a shadowy monastary that circles the earth, serving as its caretaker. The monastary is where Chaos, the origin of all things, manifests in the mortal plain to oversee its creations. Chaos created hundrends of children who looked up to it as some sort of ruler, with Eden as their nanny. Eden and Jehoavh fell in love and she became pregnat with his child. Around this time, the great sin of Pride was taking hold of Jehovah, leading him down a path that would corrupt him forever. In his pride-filled rage, he massacered all of the children, and told Eden to abandon the child she was to bear, and dissapeared.

After Jehovah banished himself to earth, Eden was forever broken. Despite emotionally shattered by her love's anger and pride, she never aborted her pregrnacy. She gave birth to her child, a son, and left him to a poor family near what is present day Moscow. Kakon was rasied by his poor parents and was gifted with a strange mark on his right shoulder; a tattoo that gives Kakon a special power. This power allows Kakon to absorb elemental forces into his body, storing them and allowing him to hurl it out of his a hands. This power comes from Eden, whose whole body was covered in theses tattoos.

As Kakon grew, he became stronger than his family could take, so he left them and journeyed the pre-modern world. His journeys brought him to see many wonders; the carving of the Code of Hamarabi, the building of the Giza Pyramids, witnessing the very first Olympics, and even the day Jesus rode into Jeruslam. Kakon even talked to the man, whom they shared some sort of "connection". (both of the mare techincally "Sons of God") Kakon's skills at swordsmanship and talents of sending people to thier graves caught the attention of Aries and Hades. Areis tried to give Kakon his own army, while Hades offered Kakon a powerful sword, forged in the River Styx. Kakon took the sword, and named it Evermore, the blade amplifies his magic powers. During Jehovah's innsurection against the gods of mythology, Kakon witnessed the death of the great horse Midnight, Lord of Nightmares, at the hands of Sariel; the Archangel of Destruction (He was the archangel trained ot use demonic magic, in a 'fight fire with fire' sort of idea). Kakon took care of Midnight's widow, the horse Blackmane, who he still rides to this day. After Jehovah declared himself "God of All-Creation", Kakon too ka more active role in many events after the war, and became a protecter of the innocent, a ideal he still does to this day.

Kakon lived in England during the middle ages and even fell in love with the beautiful Princess Aurora, whom he saved from a cursed fate. The two married, and they had two daugthers. Unfortunitly, this is where Kakon's life took a turn for the worst. Chaos, ashamed of its failure in Jehovah, learned of Kakon's existance. Chaos, using a dreaded curse, forced Aurora to forever relive her curse of slumber, and it can only be broken by Kakon wakign her. If she is woken by her orignal betrothed, the prince Philip, the curse would restart, but it would be curable for 100 year incrimints. The curse ressurected Philip, who died when he was young of sickness, and also brought back to life the dreaded fairy-witch Maleficent, whom Kakon hated and fought. 3 times Kakon had failed to save his beloved, causing him to be serparted from her for over 600 years. This pain hurt Kakon, for the curse also outright killed his daughters. Kakon then went into hiding, and wasn't seen again for a long time.

It wasn't until some time after Estaban's son Christine defeated Azalin, Jehovah's other son, that Kakon would reappear again. Having befriended Christine and his wife's father, the vampire Damian, that Kakon tried to break the curse again. This time, Kakon destroyed Maleficent by absorbing her trademark green fire into his shoulder, making her fire, called Eternal Flame, Kakon's new trademark skill. Kakon was able to wound Philip and finally kiss Aurora, awaking her and lifting the curse. Kakon was finally bac kwith his love, and because of the curse, she was now gifted with immortal life like he is. Because of the fact that he is a god, Kakon can visit Olympus whenever he wants, and has since befriended Estaban too.

Since Jehovah's inprisonment in Tartarus and Azalin's defeat, Kakon, as the son of Jehovah has every right to become the new God. Depsite the fact how good he is, Kakon has outright refused to do this. He believes that no one should ever have that kind of power.

"The Kingdom of Heaven and Earth belongs to no one," Kakon says. "They belong to everyone."

Kakon lives in London with his wife Aurora, forever keeping a eye open for evil in the hearts of humanity. While the kings of Atlantis rule thier people in secret, Kakon watches over all of us, making sure we as a race are safe. Depsite not choosing to ascend to the Kingdom of Heaven, Kakon can be called our guardian, our protector, our Lord and Savior...

... just don't call him that!


Have fun!
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