my influence map Picture

1 hades pain and panic are my biggest influence their personalities and the whole Greek mythology plus hell demon god inspires me with many ideas such as drawings and characters

2 the joker is influences me in the comedy side of the villians hes a villain but he has fun being doing stuff that no ordinary cartoon villain would usually do. so that inpires me to make funny scenes and sometimes psychotic ones

3 invader zim inspires me with everything et that i sometimes draw. it also gives me funny and whitey ideas about oc personalities or funny quotes.

4 soul eater kind of influences me in drawing anime characters and dark creatures and dark background settings and creatures

5 ratchet and clank video games influnce me in futristic things like robots and wepons and life in the future and space travel

6 tim burton films influnce me with just being yourself and no matter how weird it is or may be you should just continue with it i mean this guy has made some blockbuster with his films. they look a little strange with all the skeletons and things from the land of the dead but everyone loves them because he makes it to something special.

7 transformers help me to draw robots and other robotic things

8 knights and evil dark lords inspire me with drawing characters with similar looks and dark evil personalites
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