Centra the Hydra Picture

Name: Centra

Age: 847 years old(appears 24)

Species: Hydra

Gender: Female

Weight: 67 lb

Height: 3 feet 3 inches

IQ: 147

Powers: Elemental Control (Mind)

Empire Rank: Grand Sister to the Children of the Empire

Abilities: Memory Erase, Sea Serpents growing out on her Back, Restoration, Mind Control, Ability Theft, Water Breathing, Hypnosis, Dark Form V1 & V2

Team Position: Magic

Likes: Jewels, Treasure, Swimming, Arcane Secrets, Mythological Arts, Novels, Singing Alone.

Dislikes: Deserts, Snow, Bees, Cats, Arrogance, Hades Sexist Ways

Quote: "Knowledge is like a key. It can open many doors, but choosing the wrong door and that path will lead you to your demise."

Personality: Quietly Forceful, Classic, Reflective

Date of Birth: 11/2/2490

Place of Birth: Southern Islands

Residence: Pumpkin Hills, Neonian Castle

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Affiliations: Towers of the Arcane(Master Warlock Rank)

Japanese Name: セントラ

Theme Song: Creeping In My Soul-Evanescence

Occupation: Sorcerer

Weakness: Goes out of control when frustrated with anything annoying her

History: When she was young, her and her family was treated as monsters due to their types lore as being terrible sea serpents that devour the innocent when actually they meant no harm to their village. They had to live outside of the village in the beaches of the island so they would be at peace and not get yelled at for what they are. Months went by when she met a traveling merchant who was selling books and other things in his travels. Centra loved to read and loved it even more if it was a book that came from other places of the world. She then bought one book that mostly interested her, the book was covered in strange symbols and markings she had never seen before on the island. The merchant then told her that the book was but one of the various spell tomes created in the Neonian Empire and that he got it from a mage who was selling some of his belongings and told her that this book teaches the "Way of the Mind" so to speak.

This really increased her interest for she had never even heard about the Neonian Empire much less a spell book that teaches people how to use it. She quickly purchases the book and returns home to read it, learning all that was in the tome in only a few weeks. As she learned to use the magic she then learned that she could use said magic for her own purpose. With no doubt in mind she traveled to the village and used her powers to completely control over its people. She used it to get her family to move back into the village and live their lives normally, though word spread across Mobius saying that a which took control of the island and is using them for her own sinister purposes.

With rumors spreading across the world, several people went to the island to free the people of the village by burning down the village with Centra and her family still inside as the people take the villagers away from the island. She of course was the only survivor as she sits by the shores of the burned down village. She was soon visited by a hedgehog in dark robes and cowl, saying that he heard of the rumors and known what had happened to her village. She was confused for she had never seen the man before, the hedgehog told her that because of those rumors, the people who had heard of them were human and that they fear her because of her talent to help her family and that they would never accept her kind even if she were to force it upon others. The hedgehog offers her sanctuary, that he could give her a place that would accept her no matter what she had done. Realizing that she had no other places to go, she accepted his offer and later became a member of Neon's order known as the Children of the Empire.

She was truly loyal to Neon Blacklight, almost like a father figure to her. She would listen to all of his commands and follow them with no question, from killing hundreds of civilians to keeping order in the Empire. She would most likely join in the recruitment programs and use her abilities to recruit those who were taken away from their villages, turning them into either loyal citizens of the empire or soldiers that would die for their commanders. During Neon's entombment, she felt ashamed that she let him fall like that as she couldnt do anything about it. Not to mention that she began to distrust Lithium's loyalty as he led the Remnants throughout the years. several hundred years later after Lithium's betrayl, Neon needed a new leader to his order, and so Centra became the Grand Sister to the Children of the Empire and leader of the order as her first command was to find Lithium so that she may pierce his skull through with the very blades of her trident.

Weapons: Trident
Continue Reading: Hades