Piper Picture

This started as a quick sketch and then escalate into something much better. I love Pipes, gah! Most of the fandom ignores her or underestimates her, and it pisses me off! I've decided (headcanon alert) that her mum gave her a heart locket for her birthday and it's magical and things (I don't how, you decide), and Jason saw it and asked Aphrodite for another one so that they could be all lovey and shit. Apart from the other magical things they do, the lockets can show Jason and Piper to each other when they're apart.

And yes, I know that I totally fucked up the feathers in her hair and her boobs and the proportional ratio of head to arm thickness. Oh, well.

Stock: Tasastock

Piper Mclean (c) Rick Riordan, in all of his fabulousness.
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