Brothers Of Mythology -Page 5 Picture

Page 5. A 14 page story that I just finished for a French project. I'm uploading the English version though, because I'm not entirely sure of my French and because a lot of people I want to see this don't speak French all too well. After I get the whole story up, I'll get the info on the mythological creatures each character was based off of.

Grey text indicates Garm speaking (the big grey wolf w/four eyes)

NOTE: I KNOW that it supposed to be spelled 'Cerberus'. I felt like spelling it differently!

NOTES: I love drawing adult Ceruberus. And what's better is I don't have to worry about anatomy, because normally I tend to make dogs chess too big, but here he's got three heads, so it's gotta be bigger to support the muscles for all three. Plus, how many lungs d'you suppose he's got? Anyway, I'm most proud of the snarling grey head there on the left and the strange fox-ish middle head. I don't really like the snake head though...

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