Alecto Hypnos Picture

Art by *Honeybunbuns Character is mine though


Alecto Hypnos (Meaning: In Greek mythology Alecto was one of the three furies. Hypnos, god of sleep, was associated with Hades, Lord of the Underworld.)


6.7 Sweeps (15 Earth Years)



Body Type

A bit short, lean, lanky, seemingly weak


October 31st

Zodiac Sign


Blood Color

Sapphire Blue


Troll; Land Dweller; Rainbow Drinker

Typing Quirk

Uses no capitalization or punctuation to show his lack of interest and effort in talking with friends or communicating in general.

Ex. honestly, im not sure why you even bother its completely and totally pointless why waste your time on such pointless acts


Boomslang Snake ( Although they are relatively shy and don’t generally attack humans, when they do, things can get messy. Boomslang venom is a hemotoxin that disables blood clotting. In others words, its victims slowly die as they bleed out from every pore in their body.)

Strife Specibi



Land of Souls and Rivers

God Tier Title

Bard of Life (The Bard of Life is a huge risk to have on your team. They can either become a master at turning the enemy’s life force against them, shutting them down from the inside out through a poisonous ability, becoming an amazing assassin, and raising the dead without the need of a kiss, or they can allow for the complete massacre of all of their allies through a similar technique.)


Alecto is an extremely depressing troll and doesn't hesitate to share his opinion and brutal honesty with whatever poor troll happens to cross his path. Most of the time he appears emotionless, the only other emotions he normally shows are depressed, irritated, and angry, but he has a whole other side to him as well. Whenever he is angry or irritated he doesn't normally take it that far besides being just plain annoyed. However, depending on the circumstances, he can turn into an absolute killing machine. Extremely powerful and downright scary.


The concept of life and death, intelligent trolls, reading, fire, quiet, thinking


Trolls who are too happy, weak, or naive, loudness, being interrupted, idiocy, stupidity, society


Matesprite - None
Moirail - None
Auspistice - None
Kismesis - None



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