Personal Sacrifice Picture

Drawn: 1/25/10

Why, what is this? Hark! A submission to a contest, a second submission to be exact.

So here be =TheDutchesse's character Persephone, specifically the one from the Greek God myths. Yeah, as if there is another famous Persephone out there.

Moving on.

I was inspired to do another part for the Mythology portion of the contest and interpreting the Underworld legend after she eats the pomegranate.

Is she happy to be with Hades? Enthralled to be with a lover but realizing the trade off of possibly never seeing mother, the upper world, and the earth dying? Accidentally devour the fruit and engulfed with the full knowledge of the underworld?

Eh, I mainly just like pretty orange hair.

Yeah yeah, you mainly eat pomegranate seeds, but eh, laziness here. The flower is the asphodel, Persephone's flower and a flower that supposedly only blooms in the underworld...

..... and kinda forgot it has six petals, not five, about half way coloring this in.


Hope you enjoy =TheDutchesse, I just love drawing her and that fabulous hair.
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