Hel Picture

Hel, daughter of Loki, Norse goddess of the underworld and death in Norse mythology. She is often a misunderstood Goddess as many Goddesses of the Underworld are. She is said to be the daughter of Loki, a trickster God of the Norse, and a Giantess. Her body was seen as half dead and half alive. Some say that part of of her body was beautiful while the other was horrid like death. To me this symbolizes the light and dark aspects within all of us.

I've been researching Hel extensively, her and Hekate (Hecate). I think like Hades shes misunderstood and many evil things are assumed about her. She indeed is very coniving but show me one women that isnt...

Hel has many forms but my personal favorite is a beautiful women on one side and a decaying corpse on the other. (though there are many variations that her lower half was rotted and not just a whole half of her) She is also represented in my findings as being one side black and one white (to show the ying yang factor in us all) Hence the 'dark hair' on her person side, and the 'white hair' on her skeletal side.

I'll name her a WIP til I deside whats wrong lol...

((She may go some revamping. I'm not thrilled with her "alive" side))

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