Nash- Even The Most Angelic... Picture

... Have A Dark Side Within

This is the angelic, innocent side of Nash (one of my OCs). He sorta has split personalities and Nash is his good personality (sort of like that, not exactly, hard to explain).

Anyway, I'm going to add an evil Nash picture too. Because I knew that I couldn't give him a face like this and then have this gorey background, it just wouldn't look right (I know, I had like 10 backgrounds before I made this one)

At first, I went for a bloody background (but the blood looked like roses o_o; ) Then I had this light blue background, then multicolored, then I tested out my rubber duckie brush (yes I have a brush on my photoshop that produces rubber duckies, I LOVE IT!) Then I did more blood backgrounds then I'm like "Fine, let's just go with clouds" They don't look too much like cloud but, it looks fine. It looked to empty white, it begged for a background. You're welcome.

I had a hard time with the hair. Blonde is very hard to make look good. And this isn't the right shade of blonde but Nash's blonde is like silver not so yellow. Then again, if I went any lighter, he would look more like a woman than he already does. I can only make men with long hair so masculine. (I mean he's not wearing a shirt, it's definately a guy)

The skin turned out nice. The shading is hardly visible but whatever, it works with the background. I loved adding the blush. Always my favorite part.

I hope this looks enough like a man o///_///o
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