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Ugh, I don't like how wide the face turned out. OOWELL.
Again, reference mainly to myself.

Now, obiviously made changes to facial features, etc.

Bio time! Changed a few things here and there.

Full Name: Harper Snatcher
Age: ...let's just say 15.
Killer Style: Plain. Simple. Boring! Because the fact my wings are on my arms, it makes wearing some shirts absolutely impossible! So I have to revert to a more simple{Boring!} style...luckily I know how to dye clothes in more bright, non boring colors.
Pet: No way! Pets are to much of a pain to take care of.
Freaky Flaw: Ugh, even though mom lost her wings; I was still born with these troublesome feathers. Why did mom have to be one of those classical sirens...you know, the ones that are more bird-like then sea-like. I much rather deal with scales then feathers. Pfft.
Favorite Colour: Neon. Neon. And neon.
Favorite School Subject: Gym, the only good that comes out of having wings is that I can fly; so why not take advange of that? If I can't get rid of them, might as well use them!
Least Favorite School Subject: History, sirens were treated so poorly back in mom’s time.
Biggest Pet Peeve: Monsters who think it's fun to pluck my feathers, they're not your stupid fashion accessory!
Favorite Activity: I love sightseeing! My most favorite places to see are meadows or creeks. It’s just so peaceful, it makes you want to sing a Sirens' song.
Favorite Food: I like my meat raw, thankyouverymuch.

Parent time!

"In classical mythology, the Sirens are women who have the lower halves and wings of birds. Some say that the Sirens were turned into their current shape because they had been playing with Kore, the maiden Persephone, when she was abducted by Hades, and Demeter was angered because they had not helped her daughter; she cursed them, saying, 'Begone and search for my daughter the world over.' But another story tells how Aphrodite turned them into bird-women because the Sirens stubbornly clung to their virginity, refusing to submit to man or god. The Sirens are flightless because they were defeated in a music contest by the Muses; the Muses pulled out the Sirens' wing feathers to make themselves crowns. And this is why the Sirens sing in a meadow among the bleached bones of sailors whom they lured to their deaths. They are first cousins to the Harpies, living in a green island of their own. When the wind drops at midday, this is the time that people succumb to the Sirens. Homer speaks only of two Sirens, but other sources say there are three - Parthenope, Leucosia, and Ligeia(Maiden-Face, White One and Shrill) - but yet others suggest an even greater number. The names given to them are Aglaope(Beautiful Face), Aglaophonos(Beautiful Voice), Molpe(Music), Peisinoe(Mind-Persuader), Raidne(Improvement), Teles(Perfect), Thelxepeia(Soothing Words) and Thelxiope(Persuasive Face). Odysseus met with the Sirens on his return journey from Troy, but he was forewarned by Circe, who suggested that he plug the ears of his men with beeswax so that they might not be overcome by the Sirens' song. But Odysseus wished to hear their song and not succumb to it, so he asked his men to bind him to the mast, and refuse to untie him until they had passed their lands. Pairs of Sirens were carved upon classical tombs, much as angels are carved upon Christian ones. They were shown lamenting and singing dirges to the music of the lyre, but it is also possible that they have designs on the bodies of heroes buried in the tombs, since the soul was believed to leave the body in the form of a bird and, like the Harpies, the Sirens stood by waiting to catch the fleeing soul. The name 'Siren' seems to derive from seirazein('to bind with a cord'), which describes the action of the Siren very well. In later European legend, the Sirens tended to be portrayed more in the manner of mermaids or fishes's tails. Isidore of Seville was responsible for giving them scales and webbed feet." ---The Encyclopedia of Magical Creatures by John & Caitlin Matthews

If you can tie in what is writen in Harper's bio to the description of Sirens' above, you should be able to piece what story line I went with for Harper's mother.
Either way Harper's mother is Teles Snatcher; more info on her perhaps later.

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