DnD- Cerberus Picture

This is another picture of the monstrous Gods of Zaldor based off of my interpretations of monsters from Greek mythology. This is Cerberus, the 3 headed hound of the underworld, with the tail of a great serpent's head. Like his siblings, he is the spawn of the Dragon-Giant God Typhon, though he has a more benevolent role then the other monsters, serving as guardian of the land of the dead. Unlike in Greek Mythology, Cerberus serves the God Anubis, who is a god of the dead, since there is no Hades or other Greek Gods in the world of Zaldor.
Cerberus has powerful jaws and venomous saliva, and his snake tail delivers even more potent venom. He is a brave and powerful warrior, and normally only messes with those who would disturb the dead or those who would try to escape from their fate of death.
Like his siblings, mortal spell casters can summon an aspect of Cerberus, and although not many worship Cerberus directly, the aspects can be summoned by other aligned gods, though different gods then those who would summon his siblings.
As for the picture itself, not the most creative picture I've made of Cerberus, but one that would fit the setting I had in mind for it. For a much more creative take on Cerberus, check this out. [link]
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