A World Of Blood And Fire Picture

Here is the third of the cursed temple spirits, Agni. His design was inspired by Prince Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender. His name was taken from the fire god, Agni, of Hindu mythology. He was going to be based off of Fire Dancer (one of the enemies in Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of time), but I'm more impressed with this design.

Name: Agni
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Species: Fire Spirit
Member of: The Cursed Temple Spirits
Family: Anastasia (sister)

Info: During the reign of terror of both Lacrimazar Orodius and Gwydion, Lacrimazar Orodius and his four horsemen (Deity, Raum, Stheno, and Belphegor), promised Gwydion his very own army that he could use to destroy the sages and take over the temples for his own selfish purposes under the condition that he swore his loyalty to the cult leader, Gwydion greedily accepted Lacrimazar's offer and Belphegor set to work on creating an army of evil spirits by using the elements of the Ghost Zone (Earth, water, fire, shadow, light, spirit, air, and cosmos). However, Agni wasn't created as an evil spirit, he had earned Gwydion's trust in him and was considered one of the only cursed temple spirit with free will. Like his sister, Anastasia, he also died at a young age, but he was seperated at death (no pun intended) from his younger sister and at age seventeen, he had met Raum Valero, who strangely sparred his life with no questions asked and took him in. In order to prove his loyalty to Gwydion and Lacrimazar, Agni slaughtered an entire ancient village of fire spirits alone and took posession of the axe of Hades (in his left hand) and the sword of Leo (right hand) and used the two ancient relics to continue his rampage. He had proved himself to Gwydion and gained the spector's trust. A year later, the battle that would cause Lacrimazar and Gwydion to be overthrown had broken out and Anastasia sought out the one who slaughtered the innocents of the fire village that were destroyed. When she met Agni, she was frightened to find out that it was her older brother who slaughtered those people. Raum had also teamed up with Agni to fight off Anastasia and the two of them nearly killed her in the process, but Agni, realizing that he was harming his very own sister, overcame Raum's influence and fought him off, also suffering the same fate as Anastasia and Raum brutally tortured the fire sage before his very eyes, but by using the two relics he had stolen from the temples, he had awakened the power of the two relics with the help of Aries, the titan of fire and they fought against Raum and sealed him away before the psychotic Vamon (Vampire demon) could do more harm, but Raum retaliated by sealing Agni away in a different part of the Ghost Zone. Anastasia used the axe and sword that Agni had stolen as a memorial for her brother, hoping that he would one day return from his prison.

Powers and abilities:

Agni's power over the element of fire is equal to that of Anastasia, but pales in comparison to the power of the Great Spirit Titan Of Fire, Aries and the Eastern Gatekeeper, Sallos. His axe and sword allow him to control the elements of fire and the tattoos on his body allow him to endure even the hottest of temperatures.

Hell Stack: Emits blasts of hellfire from the ground by striking the ground with the Axe of Hades in the form of large pillars of fire.

Storm of Voltaggia: Consumes his enemies in a tornado of fire which incinerates anything it comes in contact with.

Hellblast: Fires blast of hellfire of such intense heats from his fists, allowing him to strike down his enemies.

Wildfire Rage: Creates a destructive widespread explosion, which burns and incinerates anything it comes in contact with.

Wings of a Firefly: Summons an army of crimson butterflies to devour his enemies until there is nothing left, but a skeleton that dissentegrates into ash.

Rage Of Voltaggia: Transforms into a large, red serpent dragon and charges at his enemies with such speed and force that even those who are not in contact with the fires will also burn into ash.

XONGYWID: The perfect form of the dark spirits (the name is an anagram for Gwydion with an X), once their power is fused together to create a being of great power who possesses a desire to slaughter anyone that stands in its way, there is no stopping the dark spirits in this form and they are even more dangerous when fused together with the master they were created to swear their loyalty to (the master being Gwydion). However, Agni also becomes fused with the spirits as well and loses his free will.

Gwydion, Sellos, and Anastasia (mentioned above) (c) ~EmberMcLaineRocks
Aries, Lacrimazar, Raum, Deity, Belphegor, Stheno, Agni, art, and image (c) ~AlucardHemlock (me)
Prince Zuko (c) Michael Dante, Dimartino, and Bryan Konietzko
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