Trivia, aka Hecate, WIP Picture

Ugh, I can;t belive what I tried to do. This is the first picture I've inked in... what, six, seven months? Anyway...
This is an unfinished picture of technically, Trivia, the Roman goddess of magic. (She couldn't be her Greek counterpart, Hecate, because of her dress, ah... never mind. Only Aelfgiva would care xD.)
Hecate (Trivia) is known to have three heads; in some myths she is said to had the heads of a boar, a snake, and a horse. She haunts the crossroads and is said to come out when the moon shines white. Because she is a friend of Hades an Persephone, and a common guest in the Underworld, people usually associate her with evil. (Which isn't true, because sh'e done plenty of good things in her life!)

I'll shut up now. xD
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