Greek Myth Project Picture

This was my school project for the last quarter in English. We had to make a presentation on Greek myths and modern day things. So it's like, You had to make a Myth about School Detention. That was ours.

So this past week I've been on the computer making illustrations and putting it into a story on Powerpoint.
And here is SOME of it. Not all of it. Because the beginning has some revealance of my school and I want to stay safe and all that!

So the guy character is named Dexter and he's in for detention for catching a girl's hair on fire.
And he is given Greek mythology to read and he falls asleep.
He dreams he's a titan and Zues is his Science Teacher and Hades is his principal.
And then he wakes up. And that's it. ^^

But hey! My class loved it!!!! <3 I was really nervous showing this to my class. B/c some of them never really look at my drawings before. And it was Projected on a giant screen in the Auditorium! O_O Yeah, nothin' nerve racking there! ^^
But i was soo happy when they laughed at the humor and the expressions in the drawings. They cheered and clapped at the end. And that, made my Entire week!

Dexter(c)one of my guy friends made up the name, but I made the design of dexter! ^^
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