Heracles Cave Picture


According to the mythology in BC1200s, Heracles who came this place during the Argonot War achieved one of the most difficult twelve tasks given him by the King Eurystheus in this cave.

Entering this cave he went to the land of Hades (Hell) and for the will of the king he took the three headed dog. Kerberos, guarding the hell Hades out of the cave to the ground. According to the mythology, the plants around the cave existed due to fronth coming out of the barking dog.

Since Eracles (In Latin Hercules) performed his duty in this place and helped the local people Mariandyns they called this arfa eHERACLESeIN the following periods so as to differ the names from the ones given for the memory of Heracles to the other cities, this place has been called Heraclia Pontika (Karadeniz Ereglisi).

Followed by a narrow passageway one can reach the cave, in it, you can see a deep small pool, stalactites on the ceiling completed their evolution and walking further in the cave on the right there is a passage which leads you to the other parts of it.

(TC Kultur Bakanligi)
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